North Texas Landscaping Services

Full Landscape Services is a traditional landscape service and includes a variety of things; and this is true of Texoma Lawn Master as well. Beginning with Spring Clean up and ending with final fertilization, your lawn, shrubs, plants, seasonal color irrigation, and site preparation are all part of the landscape service packages. Lawn care can include mowing, edging, trimming, pruning small trees and shrubs, and much much more. You may be interested in finding out about some of the basic services we can provide so let’s review some of these here below. If there are additional things you need, please pick up the phone and we can discuss them. You could also have some questions that need to be answered as well. Texoma Lawn Master is a professional lawn care company in Sherman, Denison Pottsboro and serves the entire Texoma region.

Grayson County Texas Spring Cleanup

Spring Clean Up

General clean up of the yard, thatching of the lawn, to loosen up all the dead grass, rake the yard, clean the flower beds and bushes, and then removal of all extra debris which may have accumulated over the winter season. As part of our Spring clean up services, the landscaping maintenance professionals at Texoma Lawn Masters will tackle debris and leaf removal, flower bed cleaning as well as prepping, seeding, mulching, fertilization and much more.

Lawn Fertilization Services

Fertilization Program

This can have up to six applications. April-crabgrass preventer and lime application, May- broadleaf weed control, June- weed and feed, July-insect control, August-grub and other pest control, October-winterizer fertilizer and lime application. Some types of grass may require additional feeding of a bonus type product like for San Augustine.

Lawn Services & Hardscapes

General maintenance here includes cutting of the lawn, trimming edges and small trees, sweep walks and driveways and blow off leaves. Hardscapes and natural stone edging placement and maintaining these over the course of the year.


Regular application of up to three choices of mulch color, delivered and spread in areas specified by you.*Red Hemlock mulch (dark reddish color mulch), *Pine bark mulch (brown-ish color mulch), *Black forest mulch (darker black-ish color mulch). If you have provided your own mulch we can negotiate a flat fee price for application.

Bushes and Hedges Trimmed

Hedges are usually trimmed in late May or early June and repeated as needed, bushes depending on type are usually trimmed during July and August. Texoma Lawn Masters has been providing a professional hedge and bush trimming services as well as shrub pruning too many residential and commercial clients across the greater Texoma area. We know how important it is to you that your home and property look clean and well manicured. Our highly trained professionals will trim all of your hedges and shrubs to meet your exact specifications and needs.


Flower and mulched beds are usually weeded with each mowing. Driveways, patios, walkways and street gutters can be weeded and weed deterrent applied either in a full plan or upon request.

Lawn Aeration Services

Lawn Aeration

A basic Lawn aeration supplies the soil with air, reduces soil compaction and controls thatch in lawns to help water and fertilizer move into root zone. This can be included in an annual maintenance bid or done upon request.

Fall Clean Up

All Leaves are removed after final droppings and disposed of throughout the fall season. Additional types of seasonal clean up can be discussed per occurrence.

Residential Irrigation Services

Sprinkler Check & Replacement

Getting your irrigation systems in working order usually takes place right before the hot, humid days of summer roll around. In general this is a primary project after the spring clean up. We begin this process any and all issues and this annual check is the normal way to begin the spring care. Periodic replacements as needed is usually handled at the time damage may occur. If pipes are frozen, and need replacement or the system is malfunctioning in some say a bid is usually provided prior to the work taking place.

Site preparation and Grading

In the Texoma unless it’s been a wet winter, usually site preparation is kept to a minimum. If new soil is required due to improper drainage; or flooding has happened after a big storem then a bid would be prepared for anything beyond the normal prep to initiate regular Spring services again. If you have questions about major landscape changes in the spring, we would sit down and discuss with you exactly what you need, provide a bid and then execute that plan.

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If you have additional questions about the services Texoma Lawn Master can provide for you and your family, please call us today. As qualified professionals in complete lawn care, we are easy to work with, skilled in our execution, constant in the quality of our work, and are eager to have you as a client. Lawn Care Professionals mean beauty for your yard.

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Our service areas are extensive in North Texas and most Texoma regions. Counties include Grayson, Cooke, Fannin. We appreciate you visiting our web site to inquire about our services. Call us today to set an appointment for someone to come out and discuss your Landscape needs.


With Texoma Lawn Masters you will receive the best quality lawn care by a qualified professional every time we service your yard or commercial landscape. We provide Sherman with fully insured quality lawn care and mowing services that are simple, professional, affordable, and can be designed for every homeowner and commercial business, based on the types of services you need.

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As a client withTexoma Lawn Master here in North Texas and most Texoma regions, you become a valuable partner in helping to make our entire community a better place in which to live.  All revenues from our lawn care services,  support Lawn Master Programs which will enable job training,  and possible employment opportunities to those in need in our surrounding areas.