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Professional Residential & Commercial Lawn Service. It’s what we do. Texoma Lawn Master is a locally-owned and operated residential & commercial landscaping, lawn care, mowing and maintenance company servicing the Texoma region of North Texas. Hospitality lives in Texas and here you are our first priority as a client! One of our goals is to exceed our customer’s expectations, and we accomplish this by developing a positive relationship with each customer and then back it up with more than eight years of experience. Consistent beauty is easy to look at but takes skill and know how to keep it well maintained. Texoma Lawn Master has the ability to do both.

Texoma Lawn Masters There For You!

Texoma Lawn Master offers our clients full lawn care, mowing, installation, landscape, and  maintenance programs for both residential and commercial properties, which cover all aspects of their landscaping maintenance needs. This type of maintenance is truly an A to Z program specifically designed for those clients who expect a meticulously maintained landscape. A specially trained crew will perform all of the weekly service needed for each season. They can be a basic plan at a flat rate, or a customized plan designed to feature additions on a regular basis. We will work with you to create your dreams and then make
sure that it looks beautiful all year long.

Water Saving Tips

Most plumbing experts agree that you should go through the process of choosing a good plumber before problems arise. This way, when you run into a time critical problem that needs to be repaired as soon as possible, you don’t waste valuable time or make a hasty choice you may regret…. Read More. . .

Finding a Reputable Plumber

What happens when a family of four replaces their kitchen and bathroom faucet aerators? Studies show that the family would save more than 1,700 gallons of water per year by installing low-flow faucet aerators. Of these savings, 1,300 gallons would be from reductions in hot water use… Read More. . .

Kitchen Drain Clogs

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Lewisville Plumbing Reviews

Great job at a great price. Michael and Will were extremely professional. I had a great time talking to them and learned so much from them. It was an emergency gas leak and they arrived on time and waited patiently until the inspection. Both were gracious and the work easily passed inspection. I would highly recommend them.

Daniel Moeller

Our had a major problem, some object stuck in the pipe that was causing blocking up. They dropped a camera from the toilet, and went deep down to find the object. They had to dig up a big deep hole from outside of the house to locate where the problem was, replaced the pipe, and fixed the problem. Owner came out and did the work himself. He said the job was less complicated than estimated, so he gave us discount. Very honest guy. We recommend this company to anybody.

Lisa Iwai

Always get a fair and honest appraisal. Was given worst case and ended up being much easier fix. Used them for years. Not exactly sociable; but, always fixes the job right. Fair price for fair work and quick.

Traci Munden

Proven Results From Texoma Lawn Masters

Call Texoma Lawn Master today if you are interested in finding the best company for the job. We provide professional quality lawn services to the Sherman, Denison, Pottsboro, Whitesboro, Prosper and Celina cities here in the Texoma
region. Our work is our best referral and a picture is worth a thousand words. We love our work and it’s what we do best; so call us today and get started on making your residence as beautiful as it can be all year long. Phone us right now at 903-267-9120 and a qualified member of our staff will happy to speak with you about new Lawn Care for your home.


With Texoma Lawn Masters you will receive the best quality lawn care by a qualified professional every time we service your yard or commercial landscape. We provide Sherman with fully insured quality lawn care and mowing services that are simple, professional, affordable, and can be designed for every homeowner and commercial business, based on the types of services you need.

20 + Years of Lawn Care!

As a client withTexoma Lawn Master here in North Texas and most Texoma regions, you become a valuable partner in helping to make our entire community a better place in which to live.  All revenues from our lawn care services,  support Lawn Master Programs which will enable job training,  and possible employment opportunities to those in need in our surrounding areas.